A Yachad tour overlooking the South Hebron Hills at the southern-most tip of the West Bank

A Yachad tour overlooking the South Hebron Hills at the southern-most tip of the West Bank

Yachad provides the opportunity for its supporters to take part in educational day tours and extended trips to East Jerusalem and the West Bank. These are delivered by Israeli partners on the ground. The purpose of these trips is to provide British Jews who spend time in Israel with a greater understanding of the conflict, the impact of an ongoing occupation on both Israelis and Palestinians, and to hear narratives they may not have been previously exposed to.  

Our schedule of upcoming trips is below. Click on any of the dates to book a place and to find out more information:


22nd-25th November 3-day trip to Jerusalem & the West Bank
7th-11th February, 2016 Mental Health Professionals Trip


General information for Day Trips

The price per person for each trip is £45 per adult and £25 per child/student which includes all ground transportation, other costs and lunch. Payment must be received two weeks before the date of the trip. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.Trips to Budrus and East Jerusalem will start and end in the centre of Jerusalem. Trips to Hebron and 
the South Hebron Hills will start and end in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv depending on where the majority of participants are travelling from. In order for Yachad day trips to run we need a minimum of 8 participants and therefore we ask that you commit as early as possible so we can confirm the trip will take place.  


Hebron is the second largest city in the West Bank and the only one which has an Israeli settlement inside it which is home to approximately 500 permanent residents. The tour explores impact of military control in the city and includes a visit to the four Jewish settlements in the Israeli controlled part of the city, and meeting with a Palestinian family living in the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood of the city. We will be guided by a tour guide from Breaking the Silence, an organisation of former IDF veterans.

South Hebron Hills

The South Hebron Hills region is one of the most rural areas in the West Bank, and most of its Palestinian residents are poor, living in temporary structures and subsisting on farming and grazing of flocks. The tour highlights the difficult situation in the region and the complex relationship between Palestinians, settlers, and the IDF which results in, amongst other things, dispossession and the annexation of land. We will be guided by a tour guide from Breaking the Silence, an organisation of former IDF veterans.

The Seam Zone

The Seam Zone is the area of the West Bank between the Green Line and the separation barrier. We will tour the northern and central West Bank near Qalqilya, Nablus and the settlement of Alfei Menashe. We will meet with Palestinians working and living in these areas and view an agricultural checkpoint near the Palestinian town of Habla, in order to understand the day-to-day realities faced by Palestinians who live within the Seam Zone. The tours aren’t intended to talk politics but to show what daily life is like for Palestinians under Israeli military occupation. We will be guided by Daniela Gordon from Machsom Watch.  

East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem is home to 200,000 Jewish Israeli citizens and 290,000 Palestinian residents. The day will be spent exploring the complex reality of the city, understanding socio-economic and political differences that exist in the city, as well as options for long-term peace in the city. We will visit some of the major Jewish neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem such as Gilo and Har Homa, and Palestinian neighbourhoods such as Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan. We will be guided by tour guides from Ir Amim and Just Vision.


Budrus is a Palestinian village in the West Bank to the West of Ramallah which is home to approximate-
ly 1200 Palestinians. It became famous when construction of the separation barrier began in 2003. The villagers of the community led an ongoing non-violent protest against the construction of the barrier which resulted in a partial change to the route of the barrier. The day will begin with a screening of the award-winning film Budrus and we meet local residents of the village during the visit. We will be guided by tour guides from Just Vision.