Write to the Israeli Ambassador and your MP

On Sunday Israel announced it was seizing 998 acres of land in the West Bank which paves the way for the building of more settlements. If you are concerned that this announcement endangers the fragile short-term peace, and the possibility of a long-term solution, you can write to the Israeli ambassador and your MP by clicking here.

Tours to East Jerusalem & the West Bank

If you are spending time in Israel this Summer please consider joining one of our day trips to Hebron, South Hebron hills, East Jerusalem, or Budrus.

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Yachad is the home of pro-Israel pro-peace British Jews. Yachad believes that:

• Israel’s best hope for safety and security lies in a comprehensive peace with its neighbours. That means a two-state solution: Israel and Palestine.
• Time is running out and the two-state solution is in peril.
• Now is the moment for diaspora Jews to play their part and do all they can in the search for peace.



RSY tour overlooking Shuafat

Yachad runs informative trips to the west Bank for a number of audiences. Find out more click here.



Yachad runs a number of innovate and varied events find out more at our events page.