Terror in Jerusalem

This morning (18th November) four people were killed in terror attack whilst praying a synagogue in Jerusalem. The killing of innocent civilians can never be justified and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Violence and terrorism will do nothing to help restore calm to the region or bring the parties closer to an agreement. Read more here.


#yestoyachad at the Board of Deputies

On Sunday 16th November the Board of Deputies voted by a majority of 135 to 61 to welcome Yachad into the organisation. We are delighted with the outcome and we look forward to taking part in the democratic decision making of the British Jewish community.



Yachad is the home of pro-Israel pro-peace British Jews. Yachad believes that:

• Israel’s best hope for safety and security lies in a comprehensive peace with its neighbours. That means a two-state solution: Israel and Palestine.
• Time is running out and the two-state solution is in peril.
• Now is the moment for diaspora Jews to play their part and do all they can in the search for peace.



RSY tour overlooking Shuafat

Yachad runs informative trips to the West Bank for a number of audiences. Find out more click here.



Yachad runs a number of innovative and varied events, across the country. Find out about film screening, student days and much more, here.