About Us

Yachad works to mobilise British Jews in support of a political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We do this through education, debate and advocacy.

To read a copy of our full annual report, please click here.

Our educational events include:

  • Facilitating trips to East Jerusalem and the West Bank
  • Hosting guest speakers from Israel
  • Facilitating debate and discussion on breaking news stories

Our campaigning and advocacy work includes:

  • Providing opportunities through our campaigns for British Jews to express their support for a two-state solution and a Jewish and democratic future for Israel.
  • Ensuring the perspective of our supporters is presented in the media

Yachad is a registered charity, charity number: 1164566 | Yachad Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, company number: 07638945
Any non-charitable activities are conducted by Yachad Ltd