Yom Hazikaron 2019

This week we will join Israelis in commemorating all fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism on Yom Hazikaron and in celebrating the country’s 71st Independence Day.

It is because of how important that miracle of Israel’s existence is, how bound up our lives are with the Jewish state, that we work to promote an Israel at peace, and a political resolution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

The recent events in the Gaza border region are a painful reminder of the urgent need to do everything we can to achieve a lasting peace between the two people and bring an end to conflicts that, each year, generate more tragedy, suffering and loss.

The two days of Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut are an opportunity to remind ourselves of what Israel means to us, and recommit ourselves to playing our part in Israel’s future.

The Haaretz.com editorial today reminds us that “The fates of the Jewish and Palestinian peoples are intertwined, whether they want it or not… Israel will never be genuinely independent until the Palestinians achieve genuine independence.”

We invite you to join us at the live screening of The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony tonight. This ceremony is an opportunity to stand together with Israelis and Palestinians who lost their families and loved ones to this conflict but did not lose their hope for reconciliation and peace.

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