Yachad’s response to Jeremy Corbyn’s Gaza statement


Corbyn’s failure to mention Hamas’s role in the demonstrations, or that there were armed protestors at the border fence, is a serious misrepresentation of what has been taking place at the Israeli-Gaza border. He entirely dismisses the legitimate security concerns that Israel faces.

It is possible to both recognise Israel’s grave security challenges, whilst also expressing concern, or even criticising the conduct of the IDF at the Gaza border. They are not mutually exclusive positions. The black and white representation of these issues that has taken places in recent weeks, on all sides of the debate, does nothing to further the cause of any of the parties involved.

As Israel’s top security figures have repeatedly stated, the risk posed by Gaza cannot ultimately be resolved by military means.


Originally published on Yachad’s Facebook page.

Click here to see Jeremy Corbyn’s statement.

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