Yachad’s Online Events and Resources

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we are sharing with our community the best online resources and recordings of events on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What will the Biden-Harris win mean for Israel-Palestine?

After four turbulent years which saw a dramatic shift in the US approach to Israel-Palestine, a new administration is set to take charge in January 2021, led by President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. What will a US administration mean for Israel-Palestine and the entire region?
We discuss with Debra Shushan, Director of Government Affairs at J Street, and Noa Landau, Haaretz’s diplomatic reporter.

Israel and the UAE: with Dr Nimrod Goren & Yael Patir

Dr Nimrod Goren, founder and director of Mitvim, the Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies and Yael Patir, former director of J Street Israel and founder of the Israeli movement The People Against Annexation – spoke about the deal and what it means. They discussed how it came about, what it means for Israel’s relationship with the Arab world, what the Israeli public really think about it and where it leaves the future of the Palestinian people.

Taking the Streets – with journalist Barak Ravid and activist Rula Daood

A briefing about the growing protests in Israel, with journalist Barak Ravid and activist Rula Daood

What Would Annexation Mean for Israel’s Security?

A conversation with Admiral (Retd.) Ami Ayalon, Former Head of the Israeli Security Agency Shin Bet.

From London to the West Bank: a conversation with a British Jew who served in the IDF

A conversation with Joel Carmel about his journey from Jewish youth movements in the UK, through his military service in the IDF, to his work to end the occupation with Breaking the Silence

360° annexation briefing with Israel’s top experts on security, democracy, human rights and Israel’s regional relationships.

A joint Yachad and New Israel Fund UK 360° annexation briefing with Israel’s top experts on security, democracy, human rights and Israel’s regional relationships.

Speakers include Col (Ret) Shaul Arieli, one of Israel’s foremost experts on the conflict; Maisam Jaljuli, senior member of Israel’s Jewish-Arab grassroots movement; Leading Israeli human rights lawyer, Sharon Abraham-Weiss, and; Dr Assaf David of the Forum for Regional Thinking.

Open discussion with the Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev

An open discussion with the Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev, about the new Israeli government, Israel’s annexation plans and the country’s relationship with diaspora Jewish communities.

Israel and the Diaspora with Professor Colin Shindler

Professor Colin Shindler believes that an overwhelming majority of Diaspora leaders privately oppose annexation. Why then, do they remain silent on this issue in public?
Join Amos Schonfield, Yachad trustee and deputy on the Board of Deputies, for a conversation with professor Colin Shindler, an emeritus professor of Israel Studies at SOAS university, about annexation and its impact on the diaspora.

Life in Annexed East Jerusalem with Jerusalem Expert Daniel Seidemann

The new Israeli government is on the verge of formalising one of the most dramatic steps in its history: the annexation of West Bank territory – excluding East Jerusalem, an area already annexed by Israel. How will the international community respond to this violation of international law? What can we learn from the example of annexed East Jerusalem about the prospects for Palestinians that live in the areas that will be annexed to Israel?

World-renowned Jerusalem expert Danny Seidemann joined Yachad to discuss these questions and more.

What would a Biden Presidency mean for Israel-Palestine? With Jeremy Ben-Ami, President of J Street

With Joe Biden now confirmed as the Democratic candidate in the upcoming American elections in November 2020, what does it mean for US engagement in IsraelPalestine if he were to win the election? Will it mark a sea change in US policy on this issue which has seen a dramatic shift away from the international norms of engagement since Donald Trump became President?

The Webinar was recorded on 7 May 2020

Annexation is happening: what does it all mean?

With the world distracted elsewhere due to COVID-19, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has managed to push through the nationalist, right-wing agenda of annexing the West Bank. Unilateral annexation of the West Bank is set to start on July 1st and will have far-reaching consequences for all those in the region, as well as Jews in the diaspora.
In this joint Yachad Youth, RSY-Netzer, Habonim Dror, Noam and LJY-Netzer webinar, we discuss with researcher and writer Dr Rob Geist Pinfold what unilateral annexation actually is and what it means for Israelis and Palestinians living in the region.
The Webinar was recorded on 7 May 2020

Understanding the Israeli Electorate with Dahlia Scheindlin

A recording of Yachad webinar with Dahlia Scheindlin, leading public opinion analyst.

A detailed briefing on the new Israeli government, what it means for Israel and the Israeli public’s support for democracy, peace and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The Webinar was recorded on 23 April 2020

Emergency Briefing: Covid-19 and Gaza

An emergency briefing, organised by Yachad and the New Israel Fund UK, about the coronavirus crisis and the Gaza strip. The event took place on 2 April 2020.


Beth Oppenheim – Director of International Relations at Gisha, an Israeli human rights group focused on freedom of trade and movement for Gaza residents

Ghada Majadle – Director of the Occupied Palestinian Territories department for the NGO Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

Donald Macintyre – Former Jerusalem correspondent of The Independent and the author of “Gaza: Preparing for Dawn”

The Wall and the Gate: Michael Sfard in conversation with Jonathan Freedland

Award-winning journalist Jonathan Freedland in conversation with Israel’s leading human rights lawyer, Michael Sfard, about his new book ‘The Wall and the Gate’. Through recounting some of the key cases he has been involved in, the book examines the core ethics of legal human rights work in Israel, and the dilemma of bringing cases related to the occupation for judgment in Israel’s High Court – the court of the occupier. Together, they discussed the moral ambiguities that arise in pursuit of justice, in the complex reality of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

This joint event was co-hosted by Yachad and New Israel Fund and took place on July 2, 2018 in London.


“The Heart of the Settler Movement: an Insider’s Story”

A recording of the event “The Heart of the Settler Movement: an Insider’s Story” that took place at the Jewish Museum in London on November 8, 2018.

Shabtay Bendet established one of the first illegal outposts in the West Bank, now he is fighting the occupation with Peace Now.

Shabtay monitors settlements for the most long-standing peace movement in Israel, Peace Now. Their research is the most reliable source of data on the West Bank settlements and is used by the Israeli government frequently.

There are over 600,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Understanding the settler movement’s DNA is the best way to understanding what is actually happening on the ground. Shabtay – who spent over 12 years dedicating his life to building an illegal outpost – will provide a real insider perspective of the settler movement.


Recording from the Yachad-New Israel Fund UK Security Conference on March 6, 2016.

The Female Voice – Beyond the Barrel of a Gun

The security paradigm in Israel has largely been framed by a security and military establishment heavily dominated by men. Is there a perspective that women can bring to the debate that offers fresh thinking and a different way to approach security issues?

Chair: Hannah Weisfeld

Panel: Israela Oron & Anat Saragusti

The Moral Cost

To what extent are human rights, Jewish values and morality compromised by the status quo? What impact does this have on Israel’s security and its Jewish and Democratic nature?

Chair: Clive Sheldon

Panel: Anat Saragusti, Gadi Zohar & Talia Sasson

The Palestinian Partner in Gaza & the West Bank

This session will look in depth at the dynamic of Palestinian politics in Gaza and the West Bank. Who forms the leadership, is there a partner with whom Israel can forge a deal, and given the current violence, how much support is there on the Palestinian street for advancing security for all?

Chair: Barak Ravid

Panel: Ashraf al-Ajrami, Israela Oron, Matti Steinberg

Security & Peace – Mutually Exclusive?

Why are security and peace considered to be mutually exclusive within much of Israeli society? Our speakers will examine conceptions of peace and security in the political arena and the media and consider the role of the psychology of fear in establishing this dichotomy.

Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Panel: Anat Saragusti, Ashraf Al-Ajrami, Barak Ravid, Gadi Zohar

Radical Voices – Radical Islam & Jewish Religious Extremism

Recent years have witnessed a development of radical Islam on Israel’s borders and extreme elements growing within Israel’s national religious movement. Does the combination of nationalism and religion mean that the conflict is moving away from a territorial dispute into a religious paradigm and what does this mean for Israel’s security?

Chair: Nicolas Pelham

Panel: Ashraf al-Ajrami, Danny Seidemann & Matti Steinberg

Core Security Challenges Facing Israel Today

What are the core challenges to Israel’s security? Is Israel less or more secure in the current mode of “conflict management” as opposed to moving into a framework of conflict resolution?

Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Panel: Talia Sasson, Eyal Ben Reuven, Aziz Abu Sarah, Danny Seidemann