Yachad’s Director, Hannah Weisfeld, in the The Jewish Chronicle

What Israel Means to me?

First published on The Jewish Chronicle, 13 April 2018

“Growing up, Israel was always central to my Jewish identity  a source of culture, history and heritage. Rarely did a Friday night dinner take place in the Weisfeld household without Israel being a topic of conversation. It is the place I had some of my most formative experiences as a young person.

There is much to celebrate in Israel’s accomplishments. Yet when I look to the future I worry. Israel won’t be able to survive as a Jewish and democratic state without a resolution to the conflict and it means my daughter, who was born the same month of the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, will not be able to have the relationship with Israel that I had as a young person.

As it celebrates its 70th birthday, I hope this will be the year that real strides are made towards resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”

Hannah Weisfeld is director of Yachad, which works to mobilise British Jews in support of a political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict



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