Yachad: Using the Nation-State Law to Defend Land Grab Law is “Disastrous”

10/08/18, London. The British-Jewish organisation Yachad speaks up against the use of the recently passed Nation-State law to defend controversial outpost legalisation.

An attorney representing the State of Israel in court said he plans to apply the Jewish nation-state law in his defense of the contentious “Legalisation” law that allows the Israeli government to confiscate thousands of acres of privately owned Palestinian land and allocate it for settlers.

Harel Arnon, who is representing the state on the Legalisation law, told the Walla news site that the Nation-State law, which promotes Jewish settlement, “certainly impacts the Legalisation Law,” and that it will be used to back the Legalisation Law.

Yachad, that has been campaigning against the “disastrous” Legalisation Law since 2016, said that using the “anti-democratic” Nation-State Law to defend the “land-grab” Legalisation Law is “legal acrobatics aimed at further entrenching the illegal and immoral Legalisation Law”.

Yachad director Hannah Weisfeld said:

“This is a disastrous step, taken in blatant disregard for both Israeli and international law. Israel’s creeping annexation of the West Bank puts Israel’s security at risk for the sake of settlement building.

“The cynical use of an anti-democratic law to defend a land-grab law is legal acrobatics aimed at further entrenching the illegal and immoral Legalisation Law.

“We have heard from successive Israeli governments and their representatives that the main stumbling block to a two-state solution is the Palestinian leadership’s failure to compromise. This legislation makes a mockery of that argument, demonstrating that both sides share the blame for the continued failure to resolve the conflict.

“Israel’s supporters around the world must push this government to change its policy to support peacebuilding, not settlement building.”


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