Yachad Student Campaign in The Jewish News

This article has been co-written by Ella Taylor-Fagan & Noah Libson. 12 April 2018

“This data illuminated an eye-opening visit a group of students on a Yachad trip made to Umm al-Kheir, an unrecognised Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills whose lands were appropriated to build the neighbouring settlement of Carmel. What we heard is the effect of knowing that receiving a permit for building a home on your own land is – as a UN representative stated – “virtually impossible”: you either live in squalid conditions, or accept that your home will be among the 12,532 structures in Area C under demolition order. What kind of stability and hope can one have if you don’t know if you’ll have a home tomorrow? How can you think about, let alone believe in a peace process that feels decades away without the certainty of a roof over your head?”


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