Yachad statement on the recent news on the Israel-UAE relationship

It has just been announced that Israel and United Arab Emirates have agreed to normalise ties. Read our full statement here:

We are delighted to hear about the historic agreement to normalise relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

We also welcome reports that Israel has pledged to halt plans to unilaterally annex West Bank territory, a dangerous move that would have put the entire region at risk and one which Yachad has been fiercely campaigning against in the past few months.

It has long been clear to veteran negotiators and security experts that the only way to guarantee a secure and prosperous future for Israel is by sharing the land with its neighbours.

For many years Netanyahu tried to redefine the principles of peace negotiations by demonstrating that normalisation with Arab countries does not require Israel to make any sacrifices. Instead, this agreement reaffirms the paradigm that normalisation cannot take place alongside annexation.

Any progress made in the journey towards peace is worthy of celebration, but we must not forget that the work is not done until Israel reaches a real and just solution with its immediate neighbours, the Palestinians, a solution that must see the end of the occupation.

In the spirit of hope and collaboration, we call on all parties – Israel, the Palestinians, and the international community – to re-double their efforts in achieving a real and just peace. While the road towards peace is long and challenging, it is the only real solution for Israelis and Palestinians.