Yachad response to the Brexit Party MEP, Lance Forman, comparison of the EU policy of labelling settlement products to that of German Jews in the 1930s

November 28, 2019

To compare the labelling of settlement products to that of Jews in Germany in the 1930s is wrong, dangerous and anti-Israel.

Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman is either ignorant or obtuse about the status of West Bank settlements, which are illegal according to both international and Israeli law.

Labelling products from the illegal settlements has little to do with the settlers’ religion, but much to do with the territory in which the products are made.

Ironically, blurring the distinction between legitimate Israel within the 1967 border and the illegal settlements beyond it is one thing BDS and the pro-settlement campaign have in common.

True friends of Israel should welcome policies that distinguish Israel from the occupied Palestinian territories.

Without such a distinction, calls to boycott Israel in its entirety will only grow, and Israel will be unable to disentangle itself from the occupation, endangering its long-term survival as a Jewish and democratic state.

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