Yachad condemns UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem

13/10/16, London: British-Jewish organisation Yachad – which campaigns for an end to occupation and a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – has condemned as ‘inflammatory’ a UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem which fails to recognise the significance of the Temple Mount in Judaism.

In a letter to British ambassador to UNESCO Matthew Sudders, Yachad described the resolution as ‘an inflammatory denial of Jewish history’, which ‘serves only to set back the cause of peace in the region by playing into the hands of those on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict who see it is a holy war.’

Commenting on the resolution, Yachad director Hannah Weisfeld said:

‘For any future negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be successful, it must affirm the connection of both peoples to Jerusalem. If UNESCO passes this resolution, it will represent a shocking failure of an international body to protect the histories and holy sites of all peoples. Anyone who cares about the cause of peace in the region should reject this one-sided approach to Jerusalem’s holy sites.’

The UNESCO draft resolution, to be voted on today, recognises only the Muslim connection to Jerusalem’s flashpoint holy site, referring to it solely by its Muslim/Arabic name – Al-Aqsa Mosque/Haram al-Sharif – and affirming its status as a ‘Muslim Holy Site of worship’ without any reference to its place in Judaism and Jewish history.


Yachad’s letter to Ambassador Sudders is available to download here

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