Yachad Board Youth Representative 2021



Care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role we have to play as British Jews? Help shape Yachad’s strategy for the future.
Since 2011 Yachad has been working within the mainstream of the British Jewish community to build support for a political resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Our education and advocacy work involves thousands of British Jews who attend our events, take part in our trips to the region and advocate with us, in support of a political resolution the conflict. A significant amount of our work involves students and youth movements who are actively involved in the work of Yachad and helping to determine its future direction.  

We are looking for a new youth representative on our board to help shape Yachad’s strategy and future direction. We need someone that passionately believes that diaspora Jewry has an active role to play in building support for a political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In helping to shape Yachad’s future, the board is also helping to influence the future direction of our community, and how it relates to, and engages with Israel. 


What is a trustee? 

 The Board of Trustees is a group of committed supporters who cover a variety of necessary skills and experiences to lead Yachad in its ongoing work. It has overall legal and financial responsibility for the direction and management of Yachad. As both the trustees of our charitable organisation and directors of the associated company, the board is collectively accountable for compliance with charity law, company law and other legislative and regulatory requirements. The Trustee position therefore carries legal duties and responsibilities. The trustees also help to determine the strategic direction of the organisation, in partnership with its staff. In being part of an experienced board, you will get hands-on experience of running an organisation, and all the responsibilities involved. 

We expect all Trustees to contribute actively to the Board by setting and maintaining strategic direction; setting overall policy; defining goals and setting targets; ensuring the charity’s effective and efficient administration and financial stability; ensuring compliance with the law; fundraising, evaluating performance; and promotion of Yachad. 


As youth representative on Yachad’s Board of Trustees, you will: 

  • encourage the active engagement, involvement and participation of students and young people with the objectives of Yachad; 
  • keep up to date on matters in the wider world of students and young people which might effect, or have an impact on, the organisation; 
  • keep the rest of the Board informed and up to date on matters described above; and 
  • work closely with the Yachad staff, in particular the Youth and Student Outreach Worker, to oversee the youth and student strategy of the organisation;
  • work closely with the Youth and Student Outreach Worker to help form the Youth Advisory Board which will feed into the work of the Youth and Student Outreach Worker. 

We require a commitment to Yachad’s mission and an understanding of the role of the organisation. We also require financial awareness, commitment to collaborative working, strong communication skills, sensitive interpersonal skills, and problem solving and analysis. 

Previous experience as a Trustee is an advantage, but not necessary. 


What’s the commitment? 

Our board members attend four ordinary board meetings per year at quarterly intervals. These currently take place on Zoom and most likely, when possible will move to a hybrid in person/on-line modelFurthermore, Yachad board members participate in 1-2 strategy review meetings per year that normally take place on Sundays, alongside core supporters and staff members. 

In addition to attending meetings, we expect our board members to attend events – acting as an ‘ambassador’ for the organisation – and advise and provide guidance to professional staff on key areas of expertise.  

As the Youth Advisory Board is set up, we would expect our board member to come to two of the four youth advisory board meetings, or read the minutes from the meetings.  

This role is open to people who are or were recently students or involved in youth movements. This appointment shall be for the period of three years, at which point you may be eligible for reappointment.  


Required skills and experience:  

  • Very recent or current experience of student and youth movement activities within Anglo-Jewry 
  • Good understanding of issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  
  • Commitment to the organisation’s aims and objectives 
  • Good understanding of the British Jewish community  
  • Competent public speaking skills 
  • Ability to be available in London for board meetings and to travel to London to be available if required 


A word about liability 

You are not financially liable for Yachad – should either of our two legal entities Yachad (charity) and Yachad Ltd (company) be wound up at any point, the maximum financial liability you would have is the total of £1. As a trustee or director of either Yachad or Yachad Ltd you are also covered by a trustee’s indemnity insurance policy as is standard practice in many not-for-profit organisations. 


Want to apply or know more?  

 If you are demonstrably committed to our values and feel that you have the skills that could help us, we would love to hear from you. Yachad is committed to ensuring the widest possible demographic balance on our board including age, gender and religious affiliation.  

You can formally apply by sending a CV and covering letter of no more than two pages to info@yachad.org.uk by midday on Thursday 1st April or if you would like to have an informal conversation first with one of our staff or current board members, please email info@yachad.org.uk


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