Write to Prime-Minister David Cameron ahead of his Israel trip

Cameron in Israel

Take Action: Write to Prime-Minister David Cameron

Israel faces a crossroads at this moment in history. Over the past few months the American administration has placed supreme efforts on bringing the Israelis and Palestinians around the table to attempt to negotiate a resolution to the conflict that results in ‘Two States for Two Peoples’. We know there is no other option that guarantees Israel’s survival as a Jewish and democratic state with safe and secure borders, and also gives the Palestinian people their right to live in freedom and dignity.
If the negotiations succeed the impact on the region and the lives of many will be changed for the better. However if it fails we could see the clock turned back and the possibility of peace will become more remote.

Therefore it is essential that a framework agreement is an agreement that is acceptable to both parties – one that they can say yes to, and then move forward.

In February, Prime-Minsiter Cameron will make his first visit as Prime-Minister to Israel. Cameron’s visit is an opportunity for British Jews to encourage the Prime-Minister to bolster efforts to ensure the peace-proccess is succesful.

Please write to David Cameron, copying in your MP, asking him to pass on the message to Prime Minister Netanyahu that British Jewish supporters of Israel support the following conditions as a basis for an agreement:

-A two-state solution based on 1967 borders with mutually agreed land-swaps
-Jerusalem as a capital for the state of Israel and also for the state of Palestine
-Suitable security arrangements for Israel that also allow the Palestinian people to live free from Israeli occupation

It is essential that, at these crossroads, Prime-Minister Cameron and Members of Parliament hear your voice now

Take Action: Write to David Cameron