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A 72 hour cease-fire currently holds between Israel and Gaza. Negotiations will hopefully begin in Cairo in the next 24 hours to extend it to a longer term cease-fire.

Please join us in signing the letter below to Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, the UK Head of Mission to the United Nations, and currently President of the UN Security Council, imploring  him to broker a  negotiated cease-fire for Israel and Gaza, which takes into account core demands, and asking him to bring international actors together, to urgently to chart a way forward for long-term peace to be achieved.

The international community need to see that supporters of Israel support these efforts.

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Dear Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant,

We write to you as British Jewish supporters of Israel witnessing the ever-increasing crisis in Israel and Gaza, with devastating loss of life, and the unprecedented rise of intolerance and hatred inside the region, and beyond

As you take up your position as rotating head of the United Nations Security Council we implore you to do everything in your power to broker a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza to bring the hostilities to an end. A cease-fire must take into account core demands that include safeguarding Israel’s security, and easing day-to-day life for the Palestinian people of Gaza.

A cease-fire is however a short-term solution. On Wednesday 30th July, Prime Minister David Cameron said: ‘The facts on the ground are beginning to make a two-state solution impossible’. We believe that Israel’s best hope for long-term security lies in a stable, enduring, comprehensive peace agreement with the Palestinians. In the absence of a long-term peace agreement this war will be repeated again and again. We urge you to bring international actors together urgently to chart a way forward for long-term peace to be achieved. 

Our Jewish tradition teaches us “If I am not for myself, who is for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” (Hillel, Ethics of the Fathers). 

If not now, when Mr Ambassador?

Yours sincerely

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