UK Pro-Israel Group: Demolishing Bedouin Village Would Endanger Israel-UK Relationship

5/7/18, London. The British-Jewish organization Yachad speaks up against the planned demolition of Bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar in the West Bank and says it endangers the two-state solution and Israel’s relations with its key allies.

The Israeli Supreme Court approved the demolition of the Bedouin community Khan al-Ahmar in May, ruling that it was built illegally. The destruction of Khan al-Ahmar and the forced removal of its 180 residents imminent.

Yesterday in Parliament a number of ‘pro-Israel’ MPs denounced the demolition including the Conservative Friends of Israel chair, Stephen Crabb, and the British-Jews parliamentary group co-chair, Wes Streeting, who said that the UK should consider ‘targeted economic sanctions against illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank’ if Israel will proceed with the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar.

Yachad spokesperson said:

“The demolition of Khan al-Ahmar will not only fracture ties with Israel’s key allies but will also endanger the two-state solution.

“Yachad has campaigned repeatedly over demolitions of Palestinian villages in the West Bank because these demolitions make the two-state solution harder to achieve and endanger Israel long-term security and viability.

“The Israeli Ambassador should make it clear to Jerusalem that Israel’s allies in the British Jewish community and Parliament will not allow the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar to go unnoticed.”


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