Trump’s Deal

President Trump’s one-sided “Deal of the Century” is a recipe for perpetual occupation and conflict and must be rejected.

Instead of promoting peace, this plan is designed to kill the two-state solution and promote annexation.

This will inevitably lead toward a binational state in which Palestinians do not have equal rights. It will also risk Israel’s hard-won peace with Jordan, widely acknowledged as one of Israel’s most important strategic assets.

Alarmingly, the United Kingdom’s government hailed this plan as “a serious proposal” and “a positive step forward.”

As committed supporters of Israel, we know that this plan is neither pro-Israel nor pro-peace, and will ultimately doom Israel to a dangerous future. 

Only a plan that addresses the Palestinian aspiration for independence in a sovereign state will ensure a safe and secure Israel going forward.

Anyone who cares about the security, freedom and fundamental rights of Israelis and Palestinians, must reject this dangerous proposal.

Main problems with the proposal:

  • The proposal is a blatantly one-sided, unilateral imposition of terms. All of the concessions to the Israeli settler-right are locked in, clear and immediate. Everything for Palestinians is vague, far off in the future and contingent on Israel’s blessing.
  • The proposal runs counter to prior agreements and international law. It promotes unilateral annexation, which is illegal under international law. The plan also rejects UN Security Council Resolutions supported by the United Kingdom, including UNSCR 242 and others.
  • The plan seems designed to prompt Palestinian rejection. This is a cynical proposal designed to kill the two-state solution and green-light immediate annexation.
  • It is dangerous for Israelis and Palestinians alike. It would trample Palestinian rights and severely jeopardise Israel’s security, as well as its future as a democracy and a homeland for the Jewish people.
  • Uneven land swaps and racist population transfers. The plan includes the possibility for Israel to strip hundreds of thousands of Arab citizens of their Israeli citizenship, “transferring” them in a virtual manner by redrawing the Green Line so that they will live under Palestinian rule. This racist proposal will not really add much to Israel’s Jewish majority, and will severely harm the delicate fabric of life between Jewish and Arab citizens.


For a full analysis of the deal, see Peace Now’s briefing paper “The Trump Plan – A Plan for Annexation, Not for Peace”:



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