Trump: Key questions for the new president

The Jewish News, 19 January 2017

As America prepares for a new president, analysts and Jewish figures in the UK admit to being ‘stumped by Trump’, with more questions than answers on what he might mean for Israel…

In a forecasting report on the Middle East, published this week by BICOM, the UK-Israel think-tank said: “The policy direction of President-elect Donald Trump’s administration in the Middle East is the big unknown for the Middle East in 2017.”

Jewish Leadership Council chief executive Simon Johnson agreed, saying Trump “has no legislative background and has so far been hard to predict, so it is incredibly hard to guess what he will do”.

Board of Deputies’ senior vice president Richard Verber concurred, saying: “Much remains to be seen.”

Among the many questions facing those interested in Israel’s immediate future, Jewish News posed several to analysts and representatives of the British Jewish community, to see what they thought might happen.

Despite the noise, and despite Trump’s campaign promises to do so, most were sceptical. Hannah Weisfeld of Yachad thought Trump might “eventually capitulate,” adding: “General James Mattis, Trump’s choice of Secretary of Defence, has indicated that he wants to respect current US policy and keep the embassy in Tel Aviv, so Trump might yet be convinced by more experienced, less reactionary members of his administration to keep the embassy where it is.”

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