Three takeaways from the Israeli Elections

Israelis are waking up this morning to the news that despite the Netanyahu led Likud party and the Benny Gantz led Kahol veLavan coalition both gaining 35 seats, the path looks much clearer for Netanyahu to build and lead a right-wing coalition, with the bloc gaining 65 seats in total. The final result won’t be known until Thursday when the soldiers and other remaining votes are counted.

Three things are clear:

First, whilst we may be set to witness the formation of another Netanyahu-led government, a significant number of people in Israel voted for change, and we must remember that in the days and weeks ahead.

Second, with Netanyahu looking set to bring into his coalition some of the most extreme voices, supporters of Israel like us must continue to speak out loudly and clearly for a vision of Israel grounded in the values enshrined in Israel’s Deceleration of Independence.

And finally, the change many of us wish to see needs long term strategic thinking and commitment. It requires us to build relationships and partnerships with new and up and coming leaders in Israel that can take the reins of leadership in the future. They need our help and support. And we need to work with political leaders in this country, and within our own community – in community institutions and with the next generation – to ensure there is a global network to support long-term change.

We are inspired by the brave Israeli and Palestinian peace fighters who have been fighting for peace before these elections and will carry on fighting for it after them.

First published on our Facebook page.

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