They say today that peace is impossible. They said the same about Israel and Egypt 40 years ago

Yachad’s incoming chair, Simon Saide, writes in the Jewish Chronicle about the 40-year anniversary of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty.

March 26, 2019

40 years on, there are still those who argue that peace is impossible. They say now what was said then: that they are in favour of peace in principle but that now is not the right time, that there is no real partner, that the status quo may even be better.

Begin shared such concerns and acknowledged that the fight for peace is not an easy one, that there are difficulties in pursuing peace and there are also victims of peace — but “all these are preferred to the victims of war”.

He knew then, as is the case now, that Israel would continue to need a strong military and advanced weaponry to help protect itself, but nonetheless the journey to true security could only be achieved by walking the road to peace and reconciliation together with a decades-old foe.

Yachad believes that Begin’s fight for peace is the essence of Zionism: a proactive approach, in which the Jewish people take their future into their own hands.

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