The relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem is a foolish decision designed to inflame tensions in the region

14 May 2018

London, UK – British, Jewish pro-Israel group Yachad has said that the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, planned to take place on Monday 14th May, to coincide with Jerusalem Day, is designed to inflame tensions at an already highly volatile time.

Speaking on the eve of the move, at the same time that American dignitaries were sitting down for a meal with Prime Minister Netanyahu Yachad director, Hannah Weisfeld, issued a harsh rebuke of the decision of President Donald Trump to move the embassy:

“The decision by President Trump to move the US embassy as at best naive, and at worst, designed to kick into the long-term abyss any notion of a political resolution between Israel and the Palestinian people.”

“Pro-Israel organisations, who believe that only an enduring political resolution between Israel and the Palestinian people will secure Israel’s future should speak out in protest of the move of the embassy, which smashes the long-held international consensus that the status of Jerusalem will only be decided through final status negotiations.”

“Prime Minister Netanyahu’s plea to other nations to follow the example of the USA and move their embassies to Jerusalem should not be heeded.”

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