Support the Arab Peace Initiative

The Arab Peace Initiative, first presented by the Arab League in 2002 offers a framework for a regional, comprehensive approach to peace that would end all conflicts and claims between Arab nations and Israel

On Monday 29th April, in a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, the Qatari Prime Minister, speaking on behalf of an Arab League delegation, addressed what had been one of the major sticking points for Israel: the issue of land swaps.

All 22 Arab nations have signed onto the Arab Peace Initiative. All 57 Muslim nations have endorsed it. Tzipi Livni and Yizchak Molho, Israel’s lead negotiators are in Washington, DC to discuss it with Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Arab Peace Initiative is not the end point to the process but represents a major step forward towards achieving a two-state solution, and Jews around the world who care about Israel’s Jewish and democratic future can’t let the moment slip by.

52 Members of Knesset signed a petition urging Prime Minister Netanyahu to seize the opportunity – now it’s your turn.

Sign our petition in support of a positive reaction to the Arab Peace Initiative. We’ll deliver your signatures to the Israeli Embassy

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