Statement on the recent escalation in the Gaza border region

In the past 48 hours, more than 450 rockets have been launched at Israel, and hundreds of Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets were struck by the IDF in the Strip.

Three Israelis have been wounded and a 58-year-old father of four, Moshe Agadi, has been killed. In the Gaza strip eight people, including a pregnant woman and her toddler were killed.

At this point it is important to remember that another round of fighting will not make anyone in the region safer, only a long-term agreement will.

Israel has only two options: It can either ‘destroy Hamas’, as Netanyahu threatened in his 2009 election campaign, or it can talk to them.

The truth is there is no military solution and both sides know that this round of violence can only end with an agreement – most likely one which is identical to the one that is currently on offer. A far-sighted leadership would pursue an agreement now.

First published on our Facebook page.

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