Statement on Settlement Outposts bill


Yachad responded to the bill, which yesterday passed an initial vote at the Knesset, designed to retroactively “legalise” illegal settlement outposts in the West Bank:

“This so-called ‘legalisation’ bill is anything but legal. It is an attempt to give a blank cheque to settler leaders and illegal outposts which are designed to prevent a viable, independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, and have long been recognised as illegal by the Israeli government itself. It makes a mockery of Israeli and international law, and is another in a long line of deeply troubling moves that put this Israeli government on a collision course with its own democratic institutions. It must be opposed vigorously by all in Israel and around the world who support a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a Jewish, democratic future in the state of Israel.”

Update 07/12/16

The bill was later changed and a new version is now being promoted in the Knesset. Click here to see Yachad’s response to the new version of the bill passing its first reading at the Knesset.

Read more about the bill here.