Statement on “legalisation” bill after first reading

Yachad released the following statement on the Knesset bill aimed at legalising settlement construction on privately-owned Palestinian land in the West Bank, after it passed its first reading in the Knesset on 7 December 2016:

“The Israeli government cannot claim to support a two-state solution on the one hand, while formalising the appropriation of private Palestinian land for Israeli settlement on the other. This will be taken by hardliners on both sides as confirmation that the settlements – including the roughly 100 ‘outposts’ considered illegal under existing Israeli law – are here to stay, further entrenching a status quo of perpetual conflict.

“We have heard from successive Israeli governments and their representatives that the Palestinian leadership’s inability to compromise is the main stumbling block to a negotiated two-state solution. This bill, if it becomes law, renders that position untenable. Israel’s supporters around the world must push this government to change its policy to support peacebuilding, not settlement building. Until then, ordinary Israelis and Palestinians will continue to suffer.”

More information about the “legalisation” bill can be found here.