SISO: #BecauseWeCare

Yachad are joining SISO – Save Israel, Stop the Occupation, a global movement of Israelis and diaspora Jews campaigning for an end to the occupation, in their #BecauseWeCare campaign, letting the world and the Israeli government know that opposing the occupation is pro-Israel.

Here is our message:

We are writing as members of the Jewish community in the UK, deeply committed to the bond between our community and Israel. For 69 years, the State of Israel has not merely survived, it has flourished. For 69 years, British Jews have stood by Israel, in the good times and the bad, putting our time, money and bodies on the line for our homeland. 50 years ago, our community mobilised to support Israel when the country’s very existence was threatened in the Six Day War, and to celebrate a miraculous victory.

As we write, 50 years since the Six Day War, we find ourselves troubled by the current situation in Israel and in the British Jewish community. The continued military occupation of the West Bank since 1967 threatens Israel’s own future, and puts at risk the vital ties between our community and Israel. We are proud of our community’s role in bringing thousands of young people to Israel every year. However, we are dismayed that we often hear from young people – both students and young adults – that they struggle to engage with Israel due to Israeli government policy. Similarly, we are alarmed that the 2015 City University study into British Jewish attitudes towards Israel shows that the number of people in our community who identify as Zionists has decreased considerably.

The Israeli government cannot continue to ignore the increasing disquiet in diaspora Jewish communities and our objections to continued policies of settlement and occupation in the West Bank. The only way to ensure long-term security for Israel – and to effectively combat the pernicious BDS campaign in the UK – is for the Israeli government to take bold steps for peace and an end to the occupation.

You can find out more information on the #BecauseWeCare campaign here.

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