Security Conference Videos

On Sunday, 6 March Yachad, together with the New Israel Fund UK, held a groundbreaking Security Conference, bringing together 250 people in central London to discuss how best to build a safe and secure future for Israel.

Below you can find videos of some of the sessions. To see a full programme, click here.

Opening Plenary

Opening plenary 1: Core Security Challenges Facing Israel Today

Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Panel: Talia Sasson, Eyal Ben Reuven, Aziz Abu Sarah, Danny Seidemann

Opening Plenary 2: Security and Peace – Mutually Exclusive?

Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Panel: Anat Saragusti, Ashraf al-Ajrami, Barak Ravid, Gadi Zohar

Breakout Session 1: Israel’s Geographical Flashpoints

The Palestinian Partner in Gaza & the West Bank

Chair: Barak Ravid

Panel: Matti Steinberg, Ashraf al-Ajrami, Israela Oron

Breakout Session 2: Human Security & the Cost of the Current Approach

The Moral Cost

Chair: Clive Sheldon

Panel: Gadi Zohar, Talia Sasson, Anat Saragusti

Breakout Session 3: Emerging Voices

Radical Voices: Radical Islam & Jewish Religious Extremism

Chair: Nicolas Pelham

Panel: Ashraf al-Ajrami, Danny Seidemann, Matti Steinberg

The Female Voice: Beyond the Barrel of a Gun

Chair: Hannah Weisfeld

Panel: Israela Oron, Anat Saragusti

Closing Plenary

‘If you will it, it is no dream’: Policy Proposals for a Secure Future

Chair: Barak Ravid

Panel: Israela Oron, Matti Steinberg, Anat Heffetz, Nimrod Goren, Aziz Abu Sarah

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