Save Khan al-Ahmar!

As we approach the festival of Yom Kippur, it offers us an opportunity for reflection for the year passed and the year to come.

The past year has been a difficult time for those of us committed to fighting for the Israel we believe in. The antisemitism debate has dominated the headlines, and we’ve stood in solidarity with the Jewish community, making it clear that it is possible to critically engage with Israel, whilst also speaking out against antisemitism.

The year to come provides us with hope. We know things can change, with our help, for the better.

For some time now, the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar has been under threat of demolition by Israel. Last week the Israeli High Court of Justice ruled that there was no legal reason to prevent the relocation of the village. With an injunction preventing the demolition now lifted, it could take place at any moment.

The eviction of Palestinian communities and the expansion of settlements in areas of the West Bank destined to be part of a future Palestinian state jeopardises Israel’s long-term safety and security by making peace harder to achieve. It runs counter to Jewish values of justice and respect for human rights.

We know that Jewish communities speaking up makes a huge difference in cases like these. It has previously helped to prevent Palestinian villages from being demolished.

We’re hopeful for the year ahead because we know with your support we can help prevent this demolition from happening, and in so doing help safeguard Israel’s future.

So please ask the Middle East Minister, Alistair Burt, to do all he can to stop this demolition.