Yachad Condemns Attack on Israeli Towns

29/05/2018, LONDON. Britain’s pro-Israel, pro-peace movement condemns this morning attacks on Israel and say leadership should “prevent the next round of violence”.

Responding to the events in Israel this morning where a barrage of twenty-eight mortar shells were fired at Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip, with at least two exploding inside the communities, one in a kindergarten backyard, Yachad’s Director, Hannah Weisfeld, said the status quo puts Israelis at risk.

Yachad’s Director, Hannah Weisfeld, said:

“This morning the largest barrage of rocket fire hit southern Israel since the 2014 Israel-Gaza war (Operation Protective Edge). Thankfully no one was injured despite the rockets falling as children were starting to make their way to school and one rocket falling in a kindergarten backyard.

“Firing indiscriminately into a civilian population is an unacceptable use of force and should be wholeheartedly condemned.

“Without a political agreement, and political leadership in the region and the international community to forge one, the violence on the Gaza border will continue with all peoples living in a constant state of fear.”


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