As Jews, our historical and emotional connection to Jerusalem spans over 3,000 years. Our commitment to Jerusalem and its centrality to the Jewish people is unshakeable and Jerusalem will remain the capital of the Jewish state in any future peace agreement.

We also recognise that we are not the only religion that has a historical connection to the holy city of Jerusalem. In order for any future peace agreement to be accepted by both sides, part of Jerusalem must also serve as the sovereign capital of a future Palestinian state with a Jewish Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and an Arab Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state. A solution regarding the sovereignty over the holy sites in East Jerusalem will need to be negotiated by both sides.

Recognising the religious and national importance of the city, and that painful concessions will need to be made on both sides, we are critical of government and municipal policies in Jerusalem that are designed to undermine the possibility of sharing the city as part of a long-term peace agreement.

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