Parts of the West Bank are of great religious and national significance to the Jewish people. Relinquishing sovereignty over these areas will be painful for many people. However if we are to safeguard Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state, the West Bank, subject to minor adjustments through mutually-agreed land swaps, will form the bulk of a future Palestinian state.

The occupation of the West Bank and the continued settlement expansion weakens Israel’s security by making a peace agreement an increasingly harder reality to achieve. This is a position shared by Israel’s most senior and knowledgeable security officials including ex chiefs of Mossad, the IDF and the Shin Bet.

We regard any continued building (as well as any new authorisation for building in the future) as unacceptable in the absence of an agreement has been reached that is acceptable to both parties. Furthermore the security apparatus required to protect the settlements prevents Palestinians from going about day-to-day lives with ease and dignity.

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