PM Netanyahu’s Visit

In early September Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the UK on a parliamentary visit. He is expected to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss a number of issues. The Iran deal is likely to be top of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s agenda. According to news reports, Prime Minister Cameron plans to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip, stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and the Syrian civil war.

This is an opportunity for us as British Jews to ask our own elected officials – our Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary – to let Prime Minister Netanyahu know that we also share concerns about the state of Israeli-Palestinian relations. We wish to see not just a return to talks but a series of steps taken that make the possibility of an agreement more likely. It is our opportunity to pass on a message directly to the Prime Minister of Israel that many members of Diaspora Jewish communities are deeply concerned that Israel is moving further away from a resolution to the conflict.

We want Prime Minister Netanyahu to hear that our concerns about Israel’s conduct are not motivated by attempts to delegitimise Israel, but by a sincere and genuine concern for Israel’s security and democratic values, and by a desire to see Israel a respected member of the comity of nations. 

We will be hand delivering the letter to officials in the foreign office shortly before Netanyahu’s planned visit. The greater the number of signatures the more attention it is likely to receive.

Please join us in signing this letter to Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

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