Palestinian Unity Government and Hamas

Yachad believes in the right of a Jewish state to flourish in safety and security. Yachad abhors acts of terrorism that endanger lives and make the possibility of a peaceful resolution less likely. Violence begets violence and impedes the possibility for either side to empathise with the losses of the other.

However we also recognise that any lasting peace agreement will need to include the broadest cross section of both populations and that peace is made with enemies whose policies Israel does not control. We therefore support Israel in pursuing a policy that may include engaging with a wide range of Palestinian representatives including Hamas, to further the possibility of creating a peace agreement. In order for peace to remain sustainable it will require a long-term commitment to non-violence.

It is absolutely clear that there are certain sections of Palestinian society and their supporters around the world that will need to adopt a lasting religious and political commitment to non-violent dispute resolution. At the same time, history confirms that time and time again, warring societies have only achieved peace because of individuals and groups who were prepared to shift their own paradigms and in doing so, shift the paradigms of the other side.

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