Occupation preoccupations

Letter from our Youth and Student Outreach Worker, Esther Craven, in the Jewish Chronicle, March 15, 2019.

Occupation preoccupations

Anna Roiser (Letters, March 8) is right about our community’s inability to talk about the occupation. But this can change. If we follow the lead of young members of the community we can hold serious, nuanced and meaningful conversations on this issue.

This week, I’ve been on a university tour with an Israeli veteran who broke her silence about her military service in the occupied territories.

We’ve been to Oxford, Bristol, Sussex, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and with the UJS in London. We’ve met hundreds of students at Jewish Society events who were eager to hear what Merphie Bubis of Breaking the Silence had to say, ask hard questions and contemplate the answers.

What this week proved is that students and young people are more than capable of engaging in difficult conversations and holding nuanced discussions in a respectful manner.

Talking about the occupation can be difficult, but we must talk about it because it is difficult. And if our community wants to keep young people engaged, then it needs to do what’s right as opposed to what is easy.  And allow young people to lead this conversation.

Esther Craven
London WC1

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