Obama in Israel 2013

In March 2013, President Obama arrived in Jerusalem for his first visit since he became the President of the United States of America. His visit, just weeks after the Israeli election, presented an historic opportunity for the international community to put the peace-process right at the top of the agenda.

We wanted to send President Obama the message, via our Prime Minister, David Cameron, that large numbers of Anglo-Jewry support him in taking bold steps to create a Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel. We therefore produced an infographic, alongside a letter, with statistics about the opinions of the Anglo-Jewish community and quotes from senior Israeli political and security figures in support of these opinions. These are below.

We also produced a special edition of our blog, containing comment pieces from our supporters which you can read in a magazine format below, or read the individual articles here.

* Dr Samuel Lebens argues that settlements are more complicated than they first appear.
* Aaron Cohen-Gold argues the settlement issue is pretty simple.
* Hayden Cohen looks at the use of the word “apartheid”.
* Jessica Weiss talks about how Israel’s founders would feel about Israel now.
* Dr David Ranan looks at whether diaspora Zionists are justified in criticising Israel.

The individual images:

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The full image:

obama israel graphic

Suggested text for the letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,

In 2013, 20 years after the Oslo Accords, peace eludes Israel & the Palestinian people, to everyone’s detriment. The re-election of President Obama, & recent Israeli election results, present a window of opportunity to re-ignite the peace process.

British Jews have a strong connection to Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. The majority also support a two-state solution & urge all sides to do everything possible to make this a reality. We will stand alongside Israel as she takes the steps required, some of them hard, to create the only peaceful resolution: two states for two peoples to live in freedom and security.

Please pass on my personal support to President Obama, as a supporter of the state of Israel & an active member of the Jewish community, for a renewed & strengthened diplomatic effort.

British Jews and Israel: A Roadmap: http://bit.ly/ZqZIAl

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