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ZF damages us all 28/02/13

Editorial, Jewish Chronicle 28/02/13
Last week, the Zionist Federation issued a strongly worded statement attacking George Galloway for refusing to debate with an Israeli student. The organisation clearly has no sense of irony. A few days later, the same ZF voted to reject the application by Yachad UK to affiliate to the self-proclaimed umbrella organisation for UK Zionist organisations.
Yachad has spent the past 10 months jumping through every hoop set by the ZF as part of its vetting …


George Galloway’s Suspect Motives 22/02/13

Hannah Weisfeld, Daily Beast, 22/02/13 Earlier this week, George Galloway made a dramatic exit from a debate he had been taking part in at Christ Church College, Oxford, speaking for the motion that “Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank.” When he discovered that the person he was debating was in fact Israeli, he stormed out, stating he had been misinformed and that “he doesn’t talk to Israelis” and he “doesn’t recognize Israel.” …