On our third birthday 08.05.2014

Dear Yachad supporter,
Yachad celebrates its third birthday on Saturday 17th May 2014.
We have worked hard to establish Yachad in the UK Jewish community and beyond. We are very proud that we have achieved so much over the last three years:

  • Recruiting over 3,000 supporters
  • Running 225 educational events in the UK reaching over 9,000 people
  • Organising over 50 Yachad trips to the West Bank and East Jerusalem with over 1,200 participants, including 400 youth movement …
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A ray of hope

Dear Supporter,
Will you join us on Tuesday?
With the collapse of the peace process, and, on Wednesday this week, the end of the 9-month deadline set by US Secretary of State John Kerry for a breakthrough in the negotiations, we know it’s hard to feel positive. Creating a space in which we can celebrate Israel’s independence, whilst at the same time acknowledging the very significant challenges the country faces is not easy.
This Tuesday 6th May, on Yom Ha’atzmaut, Yachad and …


Will you join us for Yom Ha’atzmaut?

Dear Supporter,
This year Yachad and the New Israel Fund are inviting you to join us to mark Israel’s 66th birthday with three young leaders shaping the future of Israel’s society. They’ll be speaking about what motivates them to take action  and about their hopes and dreams for Israel’s future.
Avner Gvaryahu, Director of Public Outreach of ‘Breaking the Silence’, works to educate Israelis and the wider public about the occupation and the urgent need to change the status quo …


We will not lose sight of what we are striving for

Dear supporter,
The news from where we are sitting looks worrying.
Over the past week, as the 9 month window for making progress on the peace talks comes to a close, the two parties seem to be no closer to an agreement. A decision not to release the next round of Palestinian prisoners, announcements that the Palestinian Authority has requested to sign 15 international conventions at the United Nations, alongside new building tenders in east Jerusalem, have all contributed to the breakdown. You …


Have you been to the West Bank?

Dear Yachad supporter,
‘…there is no substitute for finding out what is really happening on the ground by visiting and asking difficult questions. I had made numerous assumptions from both Jewish and non-Jewish media, which were simply wrong.’
These are the words written by David Middleburgh in the Jewish Chronicle, the week after he returned from our three day legal trip to the West Bank. It is for this exact reason that Yachad has, over the past three years, facilitated …


Yachad Annual Report 2013

Dear Yachad supporter,
Help Yachad build a constituency for peace
We are delighted to send you Yachad’s Annual Report for 2013.
Yachad was just an idea less than three years ago and we are now a well-established movement with over 3,000 supporters. We are proud of our 2013 achievements which you can read about in our Annual Report. Our 2013 highlights include:
• 58 educational events in the UK reaching over 2,650 people
• 17 Yachad trips to the West Bank and East Jerusalem with 500 …


The Prime Minister’s trip to Israel

Write to Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of his trip to Israel As you may have read, Prime Minister David Cameron is due to visit Israel in mid-February on his first Prime Ministerial visit to the country. He will arrive around the same time, or just after announcements will be made about a framework peace agreement as a basis for more comprehensive negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Cameron’s visit is being billed in the …


Meet Ami Ayalon, former director of the Shin Bet

Dear Yachad supporter,
We’re gearing up for a busy few months of activity and we hope we’ll see you at some of our events. We’re particularly excited to be welcoming Ami Ayalon, former director of the Shin Bet, who will be with us for several events during November including a screening of the Oscar nominated documentary the Gatekeepers in partnership with New Israel Fund as part of the UK Jewish Film Festival.  
Tuesday 29th October – Tour of …


A new year, and new news from Yachad

Dear Yachad supporter,
The staff and board of Yachad wish you a healthy and happy new year. We hope this coming year is a peaceful one for all of us. 
We also want to take this opportunity to share lots of exciting news with you, which you can read about below.
Shana Tova U’Metuka
Hannah Weisfeld
New website: Our new website launched this week, please do visit it: www.yachad.org.uk
Ami Ayalon in London: On 5th and 6th November we being joined by Ami Ayalon, former director of …


Yachad Student Conference 2013

Interested in shaping Yachad’s future? We are organising our third annual student conference this September 11th, and hope you can attend. We have lined up Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland and US State Department representative Jonathan Peccia as guest speakers.
Before the start of the academic year, we wish to involve our supporters and activists in increasing the leverage of Yachad at university campuses nationwide.
Yachad’s vision of Zionism is one promoting equal human …