Limmud Festival 2017

We can’t wait for Limmud Festival 2017 in Birmingham. If you’re going to Limmud, make sure to check out the following sessions from Yachad staff & board members, and from organisations we work with regularly:

Yachad Sessions 

Tuesday, 12:10 – 50 years of Occupation – where to now?

Atira Winchester, Jessica Montell & Frima Bubis – Red 5

Now in its 50th year, the Occupation of the West Bank has had an eroding effect on Israel’s moral fibre. In this session, representatives from some of Israel’s most prominent human rights NGOs will be joined by New Israel Fund and Yachad to explore how we move forward to effect change on the ground. 

Tuesday, 16:00 –  Every Jew should visit the West Bank

Amos Schonfield & Emily Hilton – Green 25

Yachad have guided hundreds of British Jews in Israel and the occupied territories. How has it impacted the people who have joined us, and how does it continue to affect the Jewish community’s conversation on Israel, conflict & occupation?

Amos is Yachad’s Youth & Student Outreach Worker & Emily sits on Yachad’s board.

Wednesday, 17:30 – Is East Jerusalem a settlement?

Panel: Simon Gordon, Emily Hilton, Arieh King, Eve Harow & Ilana Sumka  – Orange 15

East Jerusalem is a sprawling portion of Israel’s capital, incorporating Jewish and Arab neighbourhoods. Captured in 1967, its annexation has not been recognised by foreign states. Jewish construction in the area is treated by many non-Israelis as no different to settlement expansion in the West Bank. Is this reasonable?

Emily sits on Yachad’s board.

Thursday, 12:10 – How important are the settlements, really?

Amos Schonfield – Green 25

Building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem has come increasingly under the spotlight in recent months. But the speed at which the settlements have grown, and the reality of what that means for the viability of a Palestinian state, is rarely discussed in detail. This session will aim to demystify some of these increasingly controversial questions.

Amos is Yachad’s Youth & Student Outreach Worker.

Breaking the Silence Sessions

You may be interested in the following sessions from Breaking the Silence, an organisation of IDF veterans who regularly guide Yachad groups in the West Bank:

Tuesday, 17:30 – Breaking the silence: military occupation through the eyes of the soldiers

Frima Bubis – Green 25

Frima Bubis, former IDF soldier who served in the Civil Administration of the West Bank, will describe the military occupation in the Territories, through soldiers’ testimonies. Breaking the Silence is an organisation of veteran soldiers. Its aim is to expose the public to the high moral toll of military control over a civilian population.

Thursday, 09:20 – Breaking The Silence presents: The ‘ghost town’ of Hebron

Frima Bubis – Orange 13

Hebron, the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank, has a great significance in the Jewish tradition and is the only Palestinian city that has an Israeli settlement in the heart of it. Why is it a ‘ghost town’? The reality of the city will be explored through a virtual tour and soldier’s testimonies about their service there.

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