Labour’s antisemitism failure means it cannot be a credible critic of Israel

A piece by Yachad’s Director Hannah Weisfeld and Alex Sobel MP in The Guardian. 09 August 2018

“Imagine if the British government was the Labour party in its current form, unable to resolve an antisemitism crisis, and it wanted to criticise Israel’s decision to adopt the “nation state” law. The law has been heavily criticised within Israel and beyond, including by both of us. The British Jewish organisation, Yachad, encouraged its supporters to “speak up in opposition to this racist bill which turns minorities in Israel into second-class citizens” and Alex Sobel, alongside parliamentary colleague Wes Streeting MP, tabled an early day motion calling for the British government to urge the Israeli government to repeal this law. You can be sure that there would be literally no point in a Labour government uttering an iota of criticism because there was no chance that anyone would pay attention.”

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