Israel’s agreements with the UAE and Bahrain

We welcome the New Jewish Year with the historic news about Israel’s newly signed agreements with the UAE and Bahrain, which were signed yesterday on the White House South Lawn.

This was a remarkable moment that demonstrates that diplomatic negotiations are always better than one-sided actions and are the only way to achieve stable, long-term security.

It is especially welcomed that Israel has pledged to halt plans to unilaterally annex West Bank territory, a dangerous move that would have put the entire region at risk and one which Yachad has been fiercely campaigning against in the past few months.

Now with formal annexation off the table, Israel must follow by stopping the process of creeping annexation which will make a just Israeli-Palestinian peace impossible.

Any progress made in the journey towards peace is worthy of celebration, but we must not forget that the work is not done until Israel reaches a real and just solution with its immediate neighbours, the Palestinians, a solution that must see the end of the occupation.

Failing to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians will doom Israel both morally and physically, and for this reason Yachad will not stop campaigning until a just and sustainable solution to this conflict is achieved.

In this New Jewish Year, and in the spirit of hope and renewal, we call on all parties – Israel, the Palestinians, and the international community – to re-double their efforts in achieving a real and just peace.

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