Israel and Gaza: A broken record

The Jewish News, April 02, 2019

Our deputy director, Maya Ilany, explains why the Israeli government – if it is genuinely interested in security – should replace the empty slogans about ‘destroying Hamas’ with a strategic plan to improve living conditions in the Gaza strip.

Albert Einstein said that “insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results”. Yet for ten years, Israel’s government has been trying the exact same remedy in Gaza: rounds of fighting followed by short ceasefires. Unsurprisingly, this method did not yield security and peace for the people of the Gaza border region…

It seems that, like a broken record, the Israeli right-wing continues to declare how they will destroy Hamas and, by doing that, solve all the security problems of the Gaza border region. But Israel has had a right-wing government for ten years now and Hamas is far from being destroyed and still terrorising the people of Israel and Gaza.

How many more years of rockets will Israelis have to endure before someone in the Israeli government pursues a different strategy?


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