Is Naftali Bennett wrong to say diaspora Jews’ relationship with Israel is in ‘crisis’?

The Jewish Chronicle December 23, 2018

Hannah Weisfeld said Mr Bennett was wrong to brush aside concerns diaspora Jews have about the conflict. 

“The dismissal of entirely valid concerns on the part of the diaspora of exclusionary Jewish practice and the undermining of democratic values within Israel, not least in relation to the continued occupation, is insulting to say the least,” she said. 

Ms Weisfeld, who set up her organisation because she felt there was no Jewish organisation representing “a middle-of-the-road” position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, said Mr Bennett needed to “face up to the reality that the Jewish values that belong to large swathes of diaspora Jews are now at serious odds with the reality in Israel”. 

She said: “These are values that diaspora Jews, myself included, hold with pride as an outward expression of our Jewish identity.”

She said it was incorrect to suggest there was apathy among British Jews, whether in relation to their identity or their connection to Israel.

“Yachad is home to thousands of British Jews, active in their Jewish communities in synagogues, schools, youth movements and Jewish societies.

“They care passionately about the future of Israel and global Jewry as a whole. If Bennett feels he can so easily dismiss their concerns and accuse them of assimilation and apathy, then he has no understanding of the reality of the diaspora.”

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