I stand with Susiya, do you?

During June 2012, the Civil Administration informed the inhabitants of Palestinian Susiya in Area C of the West Bank of its intention to carry out six demolition orders that were issued in the 1990s and in 2001 (we regularly visit and meet with the residents of Susiya on our trips). These orders apply to most of the area of Susiya and relate to some fifty buildings, including residential buildings, animal pens, solar energy panels and water cisterns (Palestinian Susiya, like most of the villages in the South Hebron Hills, is not connected to the electricity and water grid). These orders add to numerous similar orders that were issued to Susya recently and have been issued despite the fact that the land in question is private land belonging to the Palestinian inhabitants of Susiya.

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Susiya is still under threat of demolition as of 2013, so you are still so welcome to take action and help support the villagers.

Get involved:

1) Join the international facebook campaign ‘I stand with Susiya’. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign ‘I stand with Susiya’ and upload it to the facebook page.

2) Write to the Israeli ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub expressing your concern that the demolitions are scheduled to take place. The address to send the letter to is:

HE Ambassador Daniel Taub

Embassy of Israel

2 Palace Green

London W8 4QB


Suggested text for your letter to the ambassador

Dear Ambassador Taub,

I am writing to express my concern over the proposed demolition of the Palestinian village of Susiya in Area C of the West Bank.

As a supporter of Israel that travels there on a regular basis, I have visited the village of Susiya, and met with the residents who live there. Fifty structures, including residential buildings, animal pens, solar energy panels and water cisterns are scheduled for demolition. The local population of Susiya has been moved from its land on numerous occasions, despite the fact it is deemed to be privately owned Palestinian land.

As a committed Jew, I wish to see Israel not only survive, but also thrive according to Jewish ideals of justice. I believe actions such as the demolition of Susiya make the possibility of peace harder to achieve as it tightens Israel’s control over areas of land destined for a future Palestinian state, in addition to undermining Jewish ideals of justice.

As Israel’s representative in the UK, I ask that you ensure the Civil Administration hears the concern of British Jews regarding the proposed demolition.

Yours Sincerely,

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