How an Israeli minister found himself meeting members of a group plotting to blow up the Dome of the Rock

An article by Shai Gal in the Jewish Chronicle, May 3, 2019

Shai Gal is the director and creator of the film “The Jewish Underground”. The film’s screening is sponsored by Yachad and will take place in London on May 9 as part of Seret Festival.

Together with the changes in the political landscape in Israel and the establishment of the right-wing in government, some of the members of Jewish Underground returned to the centere of public life and filled key positions in the halls of power, including the Prime Minister’s office.

This did not happen overnight: it was a slow process in which ideas that were once marginal made their way into the political mainstream.

That is not exclusive to Israel.

The process is not noticeable at first; it happens gradually, behind the scenes, until one day you meet a man who looks familiar, who you last faced in a detention centre.

But now, he smiles at you over the shoulder of a government minister.

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