FORTY UNDER 40: It’s time to meet our amazing TOP 10!

Gabriel Pogrund in Jewish News, 7/5/15

No. 6: Hannah Weisfeld Age:28

Hannah is the director and founder of Yachad, the pro-Israel, pro-peace NGO which campaigns for a two-state solution. She has developed a reputation as one of the community’s most compelling advocates of liberal Zionism and someone who will make her case in practically any forum, including Israel Apartheid Week talks and sometimes hostile Jewish societies.

Under her leadership, Yachad has won membership of the Board of Deputies, built a working relationship with the Zionist Federation and dramatically expanded its programmes, which now includes day trips in East Jerusalem with Israel tour participants. Yachad is still relentlessly defamed by elements to the right of the community, but Hannah has secured its status as a household name in British Jewry and galvanised a generation of students activists, who are some of its most effective ambassadors and fundraisers.

The former Habonim Dror education director holds a BA in English literature from Sussex University (where Yachad activists recently defeated union BDS motions) and an MSc in global politics from the London School of Economics.

She is a trustee of Guy’s Trust, a young people’s charity with projects in Cambodia, Nepal and Indonesia and on the board of Masambiro, which supports a secondary school in Malawi.

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