Evening Standard, Friday 27 January

Our letter in the Evening Standard on the importance of the two-state solution:

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is back in the headlines after recent reports claimed President Trump may be shifting US policy away from promoting the two-state solution.

As a response to this, Israel’s government has seized the opportunity and in the past week, announced thousands of new homes in West Bank settlements.

Before proclaiming its imminent demise, though, it is important to recognise why the two-state solution has become the international consensus. The fact is that the only way for the rights of both Israeli and Palestinian people to be realised is through two independent nations.

The risks of this present moment are vast, with the threat of violence and terrorism a constant concern. The only alternative to two states is a single state to encompass both nations, something that neither Israelis nor Palestinians want, and which could lead to a bloodbath.

It is clear that Israelis and Palestinians need to go back to the negotiating table. We, around the world, must do everything we can to encourage them to do so.

Ethan Schwartz, Yachad

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