End Evictions in Silwan!

In November 2011 we asked our supporters to help prevent the eviction of the Sumarin Family from their home in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan, East Jerusalem. Over 500 of you signed a letter to the board of the JNF asking them to step in and prevent the eviction of the Sumarin family .

In the letter, we explained that as supporters of Israel we did not believe that the eviction (with the intention of moving settlers in) served Israel’s best long term interests, as it makes the possibility of a final status agreement a harder goal to achieve. Our concerns were echoed by Seth Morrison, board member of JNF in the USA, who resigned over the issue.

As a result of our campaign the court case was delayed, and whilst the threat of eviction for the Sumarin family is by no means over, our voices were heard. This Monday 27th February the Ruweidi family from the same neighbourhood will be in the district court, trying to prevent their eviction from their home which has belonged to the family since it was built in the early 1900s. Again, the organisations behind the eviction are the settler organisation Elad, and Himnuta – the JNF’s subsidurary company.

Along with our partners in Israel and America, we are again asking you to contact the JNF to request they halt this policy of eviction altogether, which threatens Israel’s long term security and undermines the principles of which the state was created: to be a land “based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel”.

Click here to sign the letter.

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