Email your deputy – ask them to vote #yestoyachad

Email your deputy and ask them to vote #yestoyachad at the Board of Deputies

On Sunday 16th November the Board of Deputies will vote on whether to admit Yachad as a member organisation. Two thirds of the deputies have to vote in support of the application for Yachad to be admitted. However there are some deputies who are determined to ensure Yachad does not gain entry.

The role of the Board of Deputies is to represent the widest range of opinions within the Jewish community, regardless of the personal opinions of individual deputies. A vote against Yachad’s inclusion in the organisation will undermine the Board of Deputies’ credibility and leave many people excluded from the community.

The Jewish Chronicle leader on 31st October said ‘of course Yachad should mobile casinos
\ be allowed to join. On no sensible criteria can anyone object to its membership. It represents a perfectly acceptable shade of opinion and has every right to be a member of the Board’. To read the full leader click here.

This is a view echoed by many individuals who have led grassroots community organisations as well as the current leadership of the majority of the Zionist youth movements and UJS. You can read the letters they have written in support of Yachad’s application here:

Please email your deputy and ask them to make sure your views are represented by them at the Board of Deputies. You can email your deputy by clicking here

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