Below is a selection of the educational resources that have been developed by Yachad. Check back here regularly as we will keep on adding to this section.

Yachad Israel Education Course

Yachad is committed to offering Anglo-Jewry the opportunity to access in-depth education about Israel from a range of previously unheard perspectives on issues that are both historically important and relevant in 21st century Israel. We ensure that these, often unknown, perspectives are introduced to your community though our quality educational events and courses. Our diverse set of educators will use their knowledge and skills to provide a robust and challenging outlook whilst also …


A Jerusalem handout

This 5-page hand-out provides a good overview of some of the more complex issues related to Jerusalem. In the handout you can find information about:

  • The population of Jerusalem
  • The status of the people living in Jerusalem
  • Issues around building in Jerusalem
  • Possible outcomes for Jerusalem in a peace-agreement.

Click here to download the …


What does it mean to be pro-Israel?

This resource is an outline of a session that can be used to facilitate a conversation between participants about what they perceive to be ‘pro-Israel’ and how they feel about the current political situation. It is a useful trigger for those wishing to engage in difficult conversations.
Click here to download an outline of the session
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Chevruta Packs

Jewish tradition: some guiding principles for dealing with Israel in the 21st century
Each of the following four documents contain a series of mekorot (sources) and guiding questions. These resources can be used as a trigger for conversation, or for more in-depth study and as part of a chevruta (the traditional Jewish practice of studying with a partner).
1. Click here to view our resource on Human Dignity in the Jewish tradition or click here to download it.
2. Click here to view our …