Critics of Gary Lineker are missing the point

Ethan Schwartz, Yachad Press Officer in The Jewish Chronicle, December 13 2017

“These videos do not make for pleasant viewing, and if choosing, I’d rather spend my time YouTube-ing compilations of Lineker’s best goals for Spurs than arrests of children in occupied Hebron. But that is exactly why we have to watch them.They should shock, because their contents are genuinely shocking. If they damage Israel, it is because the continued occupation of the West Bank damages Israel.

This is a lesson many of us have taken to heart. In 2015, Yachad’s student activists raised more than £30,000 to help pay the salary of a lawyer dedicated to representing Palestinian young people in military detention. Campaigns like that can help move the needle even a tiny bit towards a true political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

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